Construction / Renovations

Whether it’s new construction from the ground up or renovation work, every project is about getting you the best result within your budget. We listen to what you need from your facility and build a custom project proposal to get it done in the most efficient way possible.

We understand the unique differences of healthcare, education, government and industrial businesses and our team of experts builds your plan with quality materials to be effective, efficient and serviceable.

Industrial Maintenance

Southern Air’s Industrial Maintenance department installs, services and repairs machinery used in manufacturing and industrial environments. You can find Southern Air technicians ensuring mechanical systems stay up and running regardless of the products they mass produce.

We have a wide array of skills and experience to offer our customers. Our services span from equipment rigging and placement to process orbital pipe welding. Our industrial team is not only accustomed to, but thrives, working within the industrial plant atmosphere. Throughout the course of the project up to its completion, we adapt to each customer’s unique needs aiming to exceed all expectations.

Services include:

  • ASME Code Program
  • Offloading and rigging of production equipment
  • Final setting/leveling and laser alignment of production equipment
  • Demolition and relocation of existing production lines/equipment
  • Industrial Piping Installations for all major systems and piping materials
  • Orbital welding utilizing state-of-the-art technology for Processed Piping needs
  • Design, fabrication and installation of process equipment skids and steel work platforms
  • Design Assist available for air, water, steam and process fluid system applications
  • Rigging
  • Plant Relocation


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