Construction / Renovations

Whether it’s new construction from the ground up or renovation work, every project is about getting you the best result within your budget. We listen to what you need from your facility and build a custom project proposal to get it done in the most efficient way possible.

We understand the unique differences of healthcare, education, government and industrial businesses and our team of experts builds your plan with quality materials to be effective, efficient and serviceable.


A critical factor to ensuring a building operates as designed is for all systems to checked and started by qualified personnel, like the professionals in Southern Air’s Commissioning Department. Buildings commissioned correctly will use less energy to operate, conserve natural resources and require less service and maintenance repair in the future.

Our commissioning process ensures all HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems work per the manufacturers requirements and the design requirements. Technicians will adjust systems until all components to work together in a functional and efficient manner.

Our experienced commissioning team works with the design professionals and our customers to determine project performance requirements. This team will properly commission all systems, document the performance characteristics, and then train the building owner on proper operation and maintenance of their new facility.

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