Southern Air Apprenticeship Program

At Southern Air, we are making the investment in the next generation of craft professionals by training our own workforce. Our four year in-house apprenticeship program provides opportunities for our employees, clients and those interested in learning a trade the path to enhance their skills.

Graduates of Southern Air’s apprenticeship program are eligible for the State of Virginia journeyman card and exempt from the state Journeyman’s Exam. We not only pay for your school, books and testing but we also pay YOU as you go through the class.

Completing your apprenticeship is just the first rung of your career ladder, and it’s up to you how high you want to climb!

Take control of your future, learn a high-in-demand skill and become a certified Southern Air tradesman!

Online course option is available for those who can’t attend classes in the Lynchburg area.  These courses require computer and internet access.

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All buildings and homes have electrical systems that must be installed and maintained, making electricians one of the most sought after trades in the nation. It takes certified electricians skilled in reading blueprints, understanding technical designs and knowledgeable with the tools of the trade to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Southern Air’s four year apprenticeship training program teaches electrical apprentices fundamental theory and instruction to earn the status of Electrical Journeyman. This apprenticeship is accredited by both the State of Virginia and U.S. Department of Labor. We utilize the “Wheels of Learning” curriculum developed by the National Center for Construction and Research (NCCER).

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